Uses for Braising Liquid

In my attempts to waste nothing I find myself staring at a pot of braising liquid. There is the obvious application of putting the liquid on the braised item. Does any have any good methods to utilize this? The braise was pork shoulder with apple cider, rosemary, mustard seeds, and onion.

  • Posted by: NealB
  • December 9, 2012


cookbookchick December 10, 2012
Use as the liquid for cooking beans?
lloreen December 10, 2012
I agree with peicook - strain, remove fat, reduce at least by half if not more and freeze in ice cube trays. It is also delicious if you are doing to a simple vegetable Sautée. Through in a cube and your kale or squash will be infused with the suggestion of pork and rosemary.
peicook December 10, 2012
Chill to remove fat and then simmer to reduce. I freeze these little cubes of flavor and use them when making rice, sauces, etc etc
kimhw December 9, 2012
I say this all the time. I actually started freezing some favorites. I only use them three times, mostly because I'm scared if I keep using them I'll poison someone. But if a recipe is great and you know you will make it again, why not keep the sauce.
Brown the meat, add the thawed sauce, braise again! Many steps saved the second time around.
a R. December 9, 2012
"Gravy" in all forms (anything that looks like it, e.g.) highly valued by the male eaters in my household, so this type of liquid never goes to waste if a carbohydrate is near to hand to accommodate it.
Amanda H. December 9, 2012
Is it pretty loose? If so, how about cooking baby onions in it, or turnips?
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