Romesco sauce -gritty

I slightly altered the recipe and whisked in the toasted, ground hazelnuts AFTER whizzing all other ingredients (roasted pepper, olive oil, etc.)in mini processor--because I didn't want a heavy "peanut butter" consistency. But now I'd like it creamier. I'm afraid the heat of the processor will now make the olive oil emusion bitter, which has happened before with mayonnaise. What to do? Serve it gritty or make it creamier by returning to the processor, risking bitterness?

  • Posted by: creamtea
  • September 12, 2014


creamtea September 13, 2014
"asked" not "asking".
creamtea September 13, 2014
Well I went for it and re-whizzed it bit by bit. It didn't get a whole lot smoother but we had it today and it was great. I served a xatonada with bonito del norte from Ortiz, some piquillos, baby lettuces, hard-cooked egg with a sprinkle of Aleppo pepper. All the guests liked it, and our Catalan friend called it "fantastic," and asking if I know how to make empanadas.....!!
creamtea September 12, 2014
sigh. Thanks Pegeen! and everyone!
Pegeen September 12, 2014
How could anyone not love a friend putting effort into making something from home? I'm sure it will be delicious but it's the company that counts. :-)
creamtea September 12, 2014
Pegeen, it's Marimar Torres's recipe from her Catalan cookbook. I'm having a Catalan friend...having formerly decided it's a mistake to serve their home cooking to someone from elsewhere, since you can never do it as well. I relented, so I'm a little, well, anxious. trampledbygeese, I think I'll try your version or maybe stop where I am, a lesson learned from a high school art teacher. It is a lovely extra virgin olive oil, PazzoNico. This guest is a family friend, comes frequently to dine, and likes my cooking but I thought I could cure a little homesickness! Fingers crossed.
PazzoNico September 12, 2014
Ah ok. I say go for it. Worst case, add some cream or something (creme fraiche, mascarpone, ricotta?) to offset the bitterness.
Pegeen September 12, 2014
What are you serving it with? In general I like it a little coarser myself. It probably wouldn't hurt to use the idea above to take 1/3 or half, puree it and taste. If you like the way it tastes, puree everything. Otherwise you could just add the pureed portion to the unpureed portion and go with a hybrid. Is it Suzanne Goin's recipe?
PazzoNico September 12, 2014
First, what kind of olive oil are you using?
Only extra-virgin olive oil is susceptible to bitterness when processed or blended. It doesn't happen with standard olive oils.
And since you're just looking to smooth it out, not emulsify at high speed (i.e. mayo), I don't think the risk is that high. Just use short pulses until desired consistency is reached.

All that said, I prefer romesco on the coarser side, with some texture, but that's just a matter of preference.
trampledbygeese September 12, 2014
I don't know the answer, I wish I did.

Is it possible to take a small amount and blend it to see if the flavour changes then decide what to do?

Please let us know how it turns out.
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