Hummus general question

When heating up dried chickpeas, the 'skin' or shell on the outermost part of the comes off or loosens up. I've yet to see a recipe that suggests removing this before making the hummus, in the past, I have pinched the chickpeas individually to remove this. Two questions: 1) what is that part called 2) should this be removed?

Chris D.


mensaque August 16, 2012
I did it once...NEVER AGAIN!!! It took me hours and it tasted the same...maybe a little smother,but nothing worth the trouble.Use your blender and you will be fine.
vvvanessa August 16, 2012
One trick to get smoother hummus without removing all the skins is to blend the beans while they're still a little warm.
Quinciferous August 16, 2012
I've tried to remove them before -- the chickpeas are creamier without them, I think -- but ultimately gave up as it's such a big effort and not really necessary.

I think technically the "skin" is called the seedcoat, but once it's in the food processor it's all called hummus!
susan G. August 15, 2012
Since the skins soften up when they are cooked, and pulverize in a blender or food processor (or other puree device), I assume that they are not indigestible. Digestive issues would be the only reason I would worry about them -- so don't!
Ian M. August 15, 2012
1) Skin 2) It isn't necessary, whatever process you are using to grind the chickpeas up will take care of the skins. You are making your own hummus, pat yourself on the back and call it a day. To put this in perspective - do you pull the skins off your peanuts after you shell them?
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