What types of fish other than cod can be used for this recipe? Thanks, everyone. ;o)

IPA-Battered Fish and Chips
Recipe question for: IPA-Battered Fish and Chips


tideandthyme August 16, 2012
I've used grouper, haddock, pollack, even tilapia.
Greenstuff August 16, 2012
In Great Britain, the most popular fish for fish and chips were traditionally cod, haddock, and plaice. Cod and haddock are close relatives (as is the pollock, as mentioned above), while the plaice is a flatfish, very different, but firm and white. Except for something really delicate, I think you can feel comfortable with a pretty broad range of species. I've even seen salmon, though I confess I think there a a heck of a lot better ways to eat salmon.
AntoniaJames August 16, 2012
Thanks, HalfPint. Did not know that pollack is a cod. Very helpful. I love the Hotline! ;o)
HalfPint August 16, 2012
Pollack will work, it's in the cod family.
Kristen M. August 16, 2012
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Thank you!
AntoniaJames August 16, 2012
Thanks, HalfPint. What about pollack? We can get sustainably harvested Alaska pollack quite easily -- and in most instances, it's at a lower cost than many of the items on your list. Thanks again. ;o)
HalfPint August 16, 2012
orange roughy
mahi mahi
ChefJune August 16, 2012
Pollack is a good alternative. So is whiting. Orange roughy is currently on the endangered list, as are many of the snappers, so I hope you wouldn't use those. And everyone around here knows how I feel about tilapia. If you're intent on using it, please be sure it doesn't come from Asia.
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