I bought cod to cook for visitors. Plans changed and we didn't eat it. I have all this cod to cook and I'm single. Can I cook the cod and freeze it?

I bought the cod from the grocery store. I'm presuming that it's already been frozen and unfrozen once. I realize that there's a good chance that the fish will not taste as good if it's been frozen cooked and reheated. At this point, I'd rather eat slightly rubbery fish than waste it. I just want to make sure the fish won't turn if I cook it and freeze it for later use. Thank you!



Nancy April 28, 2015
fish tacos, ceviche, chowder, quenelles, or the cod cakes mentioned.
LeBec F. April 28, 2015
This could be a blessing in disguise, as the world of seafood soups and chowders- is a varied and fascinating one and cod can play a good central role in all of them.
Spicy, mild, tomato based, cream/milk based, etc. Make great gifts too.
Claire S. April 28, 2015
I have done both and never had any problems, I find fish is pretty forgiving. Usually I'll freeze my fish raw and I find the texture and taste is hardly different from eating it fresh, so long as it's allowed to defrost naturally in the fridge or on the counter. I have also cooked fish into fish cakes and pies and then frozen the extras with great results. The fish itself re-cooked fine, it's the texture of the pastry and breadcrumbs which you need to watch out for. I find it best to defrost completely and then bake in the oven to reheat so the crispiness stays.

If you prefer to cook the fish in whole pieces then I'd definitely suggest freezing it raw rather than after it's cooked.
Garlic F. April 28, 2015
I like to individually wrap the raw fish and then freeze them so you can thaw one portion at s time later. Or, if you were my aunt, grind up the fish with seasonings and make small fishballs or fish cakes. Those you can cook directly from the freezer. Very convenient for a week night meal.
Pegeen April 28, 2015
I agree - I'd freeze it. Cod cakes are very tasty - make them when you defrost the cod.
nutcakes April 28, 2015
Neither is ideal. But I would still freeze it raw. I think it will still be better than cooked and frozen. Let's hope it wasn't frozen first.
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