What is your favorite "nice cream" recipe?

This is a substitute for ice cream made with bananas. Once I tried the recipe from the website Thekitchn and didn't care...however, I have a huge amount of frozen bananas and need to do something with them!

Stephanie G


Jennifer W. October 16, 2018
My sister actually roasted her bananas and it gave the Nice cream an amazing caramelly flavor! Ive used unroasted too and to me, the banana flavor comes through a little more and is still good. You also need to use more bananas when they're roasted to make up for the lack of volume. If using unroasted frozen bananas I highly recommend throwing a nice medjool date in there:) Anyways heres the recipe we put together:

2 roasted bananas, frozen
1 regular frozen bananas
4 T cocoa
splash almond milk
a few ice cubes
2 T cacao nibs
BerryBaby October 14, 2018
I tried making the banana 'ice cream'...gag! We hated it. Didn't try it again. Sticking with real ice cream with banana slices on top. I know, I'm not much help...sorry.
Alyssa October 14, 2018
Bananas + cocoa powder + peanut butter = NICE
Stephanie G. October 12, 2018
Thank you! Going to try both.
Ttrockwood October 12, 2018
This is a good basic how-to, although note that it’s best eaten asap- don’t put in the freezer for later, it gets rock hard and the texture isn’t the same

And this post has some great flavor ideas

I like to use a ton of blueberries and a splash of canned coconut milk, or a big gob of almond butter blended in and then top it with some strawberries or chocolate sauce
Dani R. October 11, 2018
I usually just throw bananas + whatever fruit is in my freezer together for nice cream. But there are so many great vegan recipe sites that have nice cream recipes! I like the super simple one by Pure Ella (linked it below!)


I haven't tried adding cacao powder but I'm guessing that would be pretty good too!
Stephanie G. October 10, 2018
Sorry if my question was unclear. I was only looking for "Nice Cream" favorites.
Nancy October 10, 2018
Right. Wrong. Misunderstood: thought you DIDN'T like the results from thekithchn and wanted alternatives.
Nancy October 10, 2018
Depends on what you/hh like.
Smoothies (fruit - add milk or yogurt, bananas, a colored fruit - berries etc).
Smoothies (green - use dark leafy veg instead of the second fruit).
Banana split - serve straight out of the freezer so they don't get (too) mushy.
Add them to fruit salad (again, straight from freezer).
Have you already made enough or ruled out banana bread?
Use the bananas as replacement for egg in other baking (1 banana = roughly 1 egg).
Make banana chutney (plain or with dates).
Use as garnish for megadara (lentil dish spelled many ways), North African stews, Indian stews.
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