Cool kitchen Hack for separating eggs.

Its in CHinese, but you don't need to understand the language.



JAC August 24, 2012
So cool!! I'm getting up from the couch & trying it right now!!
Cannizzo August 23, 2012
I agree Antonia but you got to admit that is pretty cool
amysarah August 23, 2012
Wow, that is very cool. Stunt eggs! However, I tend to agree with AntoniaJames. To separate eggs I've always simply let the white slide off between my fingers (just like my mother showed me) - far less cinematic impact, but it works just fine.

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AntoniaJames August 23, 2012
Seriously. If you are going to the trouble of putting the whole egg into a separate bowl like that, you can simply put your three middle fingers gently under the yolk, with the fingers about 1/4 inch apart, and lift the yolk out! Much quicker, and you don't need a plastic bottle (something I generally don't have on hand). It works best in a smaller bowl, so there's more white under the yolk. Try it! (I did not make this up. It's a traditional method that's been used by cooks in France -- and elsewhere no doubt -- for generations, if not centuries.) ;o)
Cannizzo August 23, 2012
sdebrango August 23, 2012
Now thats amazing, going to find a plastic bottle and try it now. Thanks Panfusine, that is so cool!!
sdebrango August 23, 2012
I tried it, the first yolk broke but I think it was my fault had to get used to the squeeze technique with the bottle the second one worked like a charm, yolk intact both times removing from white of egg and putting it back. Great hack!!
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