I am making a clam and andouille sausage recipe that calls for a small amount of sherry wine vinegar. What would be the best alternative vin

  • Posted by: cookrg
  • August 23, 2012


JAC August 24, 2012
Every once & a great while I end up with some leftover wine.i add it to a bottle of white vinegar. Its a great thing to have hand for situations like yours.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 23, 2012
I would use the highest quality red wine vinegar you have in the house.
Double L. August 23, 2012
I am thinking that equal parts of a balsamic vinegar and white wine will work nicely.
Simplyaok August 23, 2012
I think a nice rice wine vinegar would work well!
Cannizzo August 23, 2012
I would use plain white wine with those flavors you have already red wine might be too heavy and strong a nice dry light white whine with maybe just a little of white whine vinegar might do the trick in fact I think that sounds good I think I will try that myself next time.i often make muscles with chorizo and that and add white wine next time I'll try a shot of white wine vinegar
Shuna L. August 23, 2012
Red Wine or Banyuls vinegar might be nice alternative to sherry. Or mix balsamic with white wine/champagne vin. Sherry vinegar is a particular taste and has a lack of sugar some other vinegars have but if you don't have any, try mix-matching.
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