Substituting plain Greek yogurt for sour cream

I'm making a peach pie that uses sour cream in the filling mixture before baking. Do you think I could substitute plain Greek yogurt or do I need to go to the store again?



Rhonda35 August 25, 2012
It turned out great! Thanks for the help!
Rhonda35 August 25, 2012
Here's a photo:

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KatyM August 25, 2012
It should be fine...I've done the same swap and came out with identical results tastewise. The key is the fat content of the yogurt--depending on the role the sour cream plays, that would be the only thing that could potentially have an effect on the taste or texture.
Lizthechef August 25, 2012
I would use the yogurt. Might be a bit tangy but I like that - you could up the sugar a bit to compensate.
Rhonda35 August 25, 2012
I gave it a shot - I'll report back with the results - it's in the oven now. Thanks!
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