Can I sub greek yogurt for sour cream on fajitas?

I see alot of posts about subing greek yogurt for for sour cream in BAKING but what about subing it in fajitas or even tacos for that matter? I mean full fat greek yogurt. It's for black bean/red pepper/red onion/pineapple fajitas specifically.

  • Posted by: Pilar
  • April 24, 2019


janet April 28, 2019
I've been doing it for years - even with regular full fat plain yogurt - for any recipe or situation that calls for sour cream
Pilar April 24, 2019
thanks everyone! very helpful
Smaug April 24, 2019
Fajitas, a semi-old Tejano cowboy campfire dish, has- like the taco- strayed so far from the original that there's really no right or wrong.
Stephanie B. April 24, 2019
Yes, it works. I don't like sour cream on things so I almost always use greek yogurt. If you like the taste, that's really all that matters in my opinion.
SMSF April 24, 2019
It would taste just fine. When I use sour cream on tacos, etc. I usually thin it with some water so it doesn't go on in clumps/dollops. I would do the same with yogurt, Greek or otherwise.
Ryan C. April 24, 2019
Short answer, yes. In my experience Greek yogurt has the same "sour" chemical reaction that you get from sour cream. I'd go a step further and say that if you're looking for a healthier alternative, fat free Greek yogurt works surprisingly well. In situations like fajitas or tacos you're probably adding things like salsa or lime that easily mask any subtle difference in flavor profile, which makes subbing in Greek yogurt a no brainer. I wouldn't say it works perfectly in every situation but for the types of dishes you suggested it works quite well.
Emma L. April 24, 2019
I love putting full-fat Greek yogurt on fajitas and tacos!
Shadi H. April 24, 2019
I would say yes. Stir it well before using it so it has a smooth consistency. The flavor is not going to be exactly the same, but it would work.
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