Cheesecake egg substitution & add leaveners

Should I substitute the 4 eggs called for in cheesecake recipe with greek yogurt or applesauce (would be 1/4 c per egg)? I'm slightly worried that the applesauce might impart some of its flavors into the cheesecake, however, the recipe calls for 1 c sour cream, & the cup of yogurt I'd use might add too much tang. And I've also read that because I'm leaving the eggs out I should add 1/4 tsp baking powder per egg called for, should I follow this recommendation?

  • Posted by: Amber
  • May 5, 2018


Nancy May 6, 2018
I have found using Soft tofu works as a replacement for eggs in baking, including cheesecake. Not exact same taste or texture, but good. Puree the tofu before mixing with other wet ingredients, then continue as recipe instructs.
Nancy May 6, 2018
PS use same volume of tofu as eggs, e.g., two liquid oz tofu for 2 oz egg.
Emmie May 5, 2018
I wouldn't recommend directly leaving out the eggs in a cheesecake recipe, as it would alter the texture too much (and especially so if you used applesauce). If you don't want to use eggs, find a recipe for an eggless cheesecake.
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