Is icing color the same as food coloring?

I was suppose to buy food color ( gel) instead I bought icing color. Does it Do the Same thing?



hardlikearmour August 26, 2012
I'm pretty sure it is the same thing - most icing coloring is gel or paste in form, and I'm pretty sure most gel/paste coloring gets marketed for icing. It can be used to color just about any foodstuff, though (other than chocolate in most cases.)
Merrill S. August 26, 2012
I believe gel food coloring and icing color are the same, but regular (liquid) food coloring and icing color are definitely not the same -- they have very different concentrations, and it takes far less icing color to achieve the same results as regular food coloring. This page might be helpful to you in determining whether what you bought is what your recipe calls for:
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