Warm weather food to pair with a big red wine

I'm hosting a lunch for friends and plan to serve an insanely delicious full-flavored cabernet sauvignon. It will be quite warm out and I'm having trouble coming up with something suited to both the wine and the weather. Any suggestions? It's a 2008 Baldacci Vineyards Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa.



Kristen W. August 29, 2012
Wow, Clementinebakes, that sounds delicious! I think I'm going to steal your recipe. :)
MeghanVK August 29, 2012
Thanks y'all! Meat with fruity sauce it is.

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minibakersupreme August 29, 2012
Since the weather (and people's moods) are tending towards fall in much of the country, I would recommend something showcasing late summer/early fall fruits. Just last week I made a pork tenderloin that I seared on the stove and finished in the oven. When I pulled the pork out of the pan to let it rest, I put quartered, pitted plums in the pan I used to cook the pork. I brushed them with a mixture of honey, garlic, oil, and thyme, then popped them under the broiler for a few minutes. It was tasty with a big red wine (in my case, a merlot) and some couscous and totally felt season-appropriate. Cheers!
inpatskitchen August 29, 2012
I am absolutely no wine expert but I know cabernet sauvignon is excellent with beef. What about a lovely steak salad with greens and cheese. And prep can be done ahead of time!
MeghanVK August 29, 2012
Definitely considered that, but I'm pretty sure there will be some pregnancy-related impediments to wine-drinking in the next few months from at least one of the guests :) I don't want to wait a year to enjoy it.
ChefJune August 29, 2012
sounds to me like you're answering your question before you start. That's a dynamite cab, but in hot weather, it won't be nearly as wonderful as it should be.

Why not choose a menu suitable to the hot weather and serve a wine that complements it? And save the Baldacci for the fall, when everyone's in the mood for a big red wine?
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