Back to the Southern rice dish, it also may have had dark meat chicken; but it was basically a rice dish made stovetop with bacon and rendere



Frontalgirl September 2, 2012
Sounds like a southern dish called Perloo. It's also spelled pilaw, piloo or pilaf. There are a great number of recipes in southern cookbooks, so I'd Google it and see what pops up. Be aware that everyone who makes this dish does it differently, so when you find a recipe that you like, feel free to make it yours!
pierino September 2, 2012
Sounds a bit like "dirty rice", although I don't think we have quite enough information yet. An important ingredient would be either duck or chicken liver. That's the "dirty" part.
Pamela731 September 2, 2012
I agree but she never called it dirty rice. I don't remember a livery flavor either.
pierino September 2, 2012
Dirty rice doesn't actually have a livery flavor. It's just in there and melts into the whole dish. But southern cooking, which I love exploring, can be really complex and of course totally regional. Dirty rice is more of a Louisiana thing. In the Carolinas, well they have their own style of barbecue too. But rice, beans, okra, crawish, catfish, boudin, pig ears, fried chicken, grits----I love all that stuff. Maybe not on the same plate at the same time but still...
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