Pantry pare-down recipes?

We're moving in a couple of weeks -- we're not going very far, but I am loathe to use up precious box space on run-of-the-mill pantry items. Anyone have any favorite recipes or ideas that use up (ideally) a bunch of pantry items? We have the usual suspects -- dried beans, pasta, some canned/tinned fish (tuna, anchovies, etc.), tomatoes, soup, some grains....bonus points if the ideas include condiments (we have lots). Thanks!



Droplet September 6, 2012
You could also cook all of those beans at once and puree them. Then mix with the flaked tuna and make bean cakes/patties. They freeze well and will also be a good way to use up condiments for quick sandwiches when things get busy or all of your pans are packed.
Patti I. September 6, 2012
My moving tip is to throw out most of your old spices since we tend to let them sit in our cupboard too long. You know the ones that are really fresh!
MTMitchell September 6, 2012
Yay! Thank you all! These are great ideas. I was stuck on chili and plain old spaghetti. And pizza from our favorite place, since we won't be able to get it easily soon, but that wasn't going to help with the pantry!
luvcookbooks September 6, 2012
homemade tomato sauce, genius recipe on this site, with pasta
tomato biryani by Paul Joseph, my favorite ever use what yu have in the pantry recipe
homemade hummus, Melissa Clark has a good recipe
Food for Friends has a great recipe for tomato, eggplant and pepper sauce with anchovies... a lot of trouble to use up anchovies but the favorite of all my friends
my daughter makes a killer tuna salad with sliced deseeded cucumber, chopped red onion, olive oil, vinegar, s and p, great for moving day sandwiches
quinoa salad, recipes on this site are good
rice and beans, serve with hot sauce
asopao de pollo to use up tomato sauce and rice
chickpea curry to use up cumin, chickpeas,coriander, garam masala,mustard seeds
mushroom soup if you have dried mushrooms, or mushroom risotto
congee for leftover rice
susanm September 6, 2012
a few ideas:
a quick minestrone or pasta e fagioli...would use up any kind of canned bean, leftover dried pasta, canned tomatoes or even the random jar of marinara.

pasta with tuna and beans: while pasta cooks saute olive oil + garlic in a pan. add a few red pepper flakes. when pasta is almost done add some of the starchy pasta water + reduce with white wine. when pasta is done, toss it in the saute pan and add canned tuna, canned beans (ideally, cannellini or garbanzo), lemon zest and black pepper. add salt to taste and garnish with fresh parsley if you have any. one of my faves for weekday and quick!

MTMitchell September 6, 2012
We do have a pile of stuff going to the local food depository -- so I'll probably add the canned tuna and more soup to the box. But we also have a bunch of stuff that I opened -- half-full bags of beans, half-pound of pasta, etc. And I'll move what we don't eat -- I won't throw food out. I just wondered if people had more creative ideas than I was coming up with.
Tina Z. September 6, 2012
A local food bank would love to take those items off your hands!
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