tried to enter a recipe for the contest

got everything entered down to the "extras" at the bottom, but the footer on the page is obscuring the part where I have to attest that it is my recipe and check the box to enter into the contest. What's wrong? why is that blocked?

  • Posted by: ChefJune
  • September 7, 2012


LeBec F. January 22, 2014
june, sometimes that happens to me when i have enlarged the page too much. so i shrink it back down to size and things aren't obscured anymore. was that your problem for this question a year ago?
Kristen M. September 7, 2012
Sorry for the trouble, ChefJune! Can you email [email protected] and let us know what internet browser (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and operating system (Mac/PC) you're using, so our developers can look into this bug?
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