Having trouble entering contest

I am trying to enter Your Best Stale Bread contest. My recipe is saved but I can't add it to the contest. I tried editing the recipe and no choice appears at the bottom of the form to enter it in. I read all the advice and still can't figure it out. Thanks

Neurotic Kitchenista


hardlikearmour December 7, 2012
New contest themes are announced every other Monday. From that point submissions are accepted until the following week on Tuesday. Next new contest opens on December 10th.
Neurotic K. December 7, 2012
ah.. I am not getting the hang of this contest thing I guess. Watched all week for the contest announcement for the right time be able to enter the newest and I somehow missed it still. Thanks!
Michael H. December 7, 2012
Hi, Neurotic Kitchenista. Unfortunately, the submission period for the contest you mentioned has closed. If you have other questions about the website, please feel free to email [email protected]. Thanks!
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