I was about to put my contest submissions in (the countdown yesterday said I had one day to submit) but now submissions are closed! I have 5 recipes!

I have 5 recipes that I developed, worked on, and made over the past two weeks, with images and everything, and I thought I had until 5 today to submit. I even double-checked the counter yesterday and it said I had one day to enter. Ugh, I made so much ice cream, and all my recipes are ready to submit, is there any way for me to still add them and have them be considered?



Meaghan F. July 7, 2015
Regardless of the outcome, I do hope you'll still add them to the site!!
wenderzz July 7, 2015
I did add them, and will email the editors. Hopefully they will still get considered!
Leslie S. July 7, 2015
The 4 recipes added to the site will be considered! Thank you!
wenderzz July 7, 2015
I actually added 5, I just finished the last one (white miso plum ripple) but understand if it can't be considered. Thank you so much for considering the other 4!
Caroline L. July 7, 2015
hi wenderzz! please email the editors inbox with your recipes! [email protected]. thank you so much!
wenderzz July 7, 2015
Thank you! I added them to the site, but I will email them as well!
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