Best substitute for Mirin?

I was hoping to make the black bean and orange peel edamame, although the local store by our house doesn't carry Mirin. What's a good substitution for it?



darksideofthespoon September 7, 2012
Thanks, guys! I might just have to make a special trip to the asian supermarket for the Mirin after all, wouldn't hurt to have a bottle handy! Plus then I won't have Sake in the house tempting me. ;)
Greenstuff September 7, 2012
Sake plus a little sugar.
HalfPint September 7, 2012
Got this from the Seattle Times:

If you don't have mirin, there are many common suggestions for substitutions. You can just use dry sherry or sweet marsala, for instance. Or you can dissolve a small amount of sugar in a little white wine or sherry, perhaps a 1/4 teaspoon of sugar to 1/4 cup wine wine.
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