Quiche - without the crust

Need a recipe for a Crustless Quiche - who has one to share?

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susan G. September 12, 2012
Why not use any recipe for the quiche filling, omitting the crust? Is there some reason a special recipe is necessary?
pierino September 12, 2012
A "crustless quiche" would turn out something like a Spanish tortilla. Unless you have a medical reason to avoid gluten (like you are celiac) or you want to avoid butter or lard in the crust, a crustless quiche is kind of like a burgerless burger. It has ceased being a quiche and is now something else.
food52.com R. September 11, 2012
Bates, Barley - thanks for the link good idea
Bates,Barley September 11, 2012
This one is a great standby: http://www.alexandracooks.com/2012/03/02/crustless-quiche-loaded-with-kale/
Sam1148 September 9, 2012
There are many curstless quiche recipes.

But just off the top of my head.
Take a potato..and slice it thin--with a mandoline if have one.
Spiral those slice out in a buttered castiron pan..and crisp the bottom on the stove top. Bake that until the potatoes are tender and pour in the filling and bake until the filling cooked through.
summersavory September 9, 2012
Mark Bittman's got a very basic recipe you could play with here: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/07/dining/07mini.html?ref=dining
or if it's the butter crust that you're trying to avoid, you might consider a rice crust-just mix 2 cups cooked rice (brown is nice) with an egg white, press it into a well-oiled pie plate, and blind bake it for 10 minutes or so before you fill it. It can be an easy way to substitute if you're all out of butter, and brown rice lends a bit of a nutty flavor.
Lina S. August 26, 2020
I know this is an old thread, but curious to find out if the rice crust doesn't come out too dry?

Also, I've tried making crustless quiches in the past and they can come out very rubbery because the egg is not protected by the crust. I've learned to cook mine inside a baking dish filled with hot water (bain marie sort of). Thank you!
susan G. September 9, 2012
From the search box, top right, 7 recipes -- http://www.food52.com/recipe/crustless%20quiche
The Quinoa and Kale recipe is one of the most popular recipes on the site, and I've made it with excellent results.
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