"edit recipe" and "add photo" buttons not working

Hi All, all of a sudden "edit recipe" and "add photo" stopped working on my recipes. Last night I uploaded a recipe and wanted to change a photo but it was not possible. I then checked my other recipes and it's happening everywhere. In some cases "edit button" was OK, bit "add photo" did not work. In most of the cases, it was both. Thanks!



QueenSashy September 14, 2012
Hi Michael: It is working and I just changed the photo that was intensely bothering me. Thank so much!
Michael H. September 14, 2012
QueenSashy: We just put up a fix for this problem. Let me know if you still have any issues. Thanks for your patience!
Karl R. September 14, 2012
Hi Sashy, so sorry for the inconvenience - we've got a fix in the pipeline that should be out today.

In the meantime, as a workaround, your can append "/edit" to the url for any recipe in order to edit it, e.g:



QueenSashy September 14, 2012
Karl, thank you!
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