Recipe edits

Is it my imagination (or paranoia), or is it taking some time for recipe edits to appear on the recipe page? Last night it seemed to take an hour or so. Just posted an edit to the bake time on Hearty Harvest Bread, and it hasn't appeared yet.



Merrill S. November 1, 2011
Sam1148, we are very much focused on all of the feedback being left here on the Hotline. Yes, we also have a lot of other things going on at the moment, but Jon and Kfir, the developers, are working tirelessly to correct these bugs and add new features. We promise we hear you, and we really appreciate your patience! To address your specific concern, the ability to edit an individual Hotline question/response has never been an option in the past, but we will certainly take it under consideration.
Kristen M. November 1, 2011
Boulangere -- this is probably the same caching issue I just mentioned on the other thread, so I'll add this to my notes on that! The thread is here, if anyone else is curious:

Sam -- we'll add back in ability to edit on Hotline soon, after we get through some of the other bigger fixes. In the meantime, if it makes you feel better, in a lot of places our electrons are unchangeable too!
Sam1148 November 1, 2011
I just wish we could edit 'hotline' stuff. I really fail at wording and spelling sometimes and just don't see mistakes..and there they are carved in electrons, unchangeable.
I'm sure they're aware of issues..for us users..but are working "BIG SCIENCE PROJECTS" for ipad, Book launch, etc. I think it's going to take some time before the owners focus on the forum, and other submissions. They've really pulled off a great site..and have major stuff on their plate..probably with money evolved etc.
I can wait. I just hope it doesn't make some of the 'stars' here go to ground and give up on the site.
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