Can I replace some sweet cherries in place of sour cherries in a pie?

The recipe I have for cherry pie requires 2 lbs of pitted sour cherries. I just weighed what I have and I only have a pound and a half. I also have sweet cherries. Could I replace the missing 1/2 lb with sweet cherries and just cut back a little of the sugar or would that give the filling a different texture?



GiGi26 July 15, 2012
The best Cherry Pies in the world IMHO use both sweet and sour cherries! I also would keep the sugar porportions the same.
Linn July 15, 2012
Guess I am with Donnacita and would go for it, keeping the sugar proportions more or less the same. Kudoes to you for cooking by weight! Makes life easier sometimes ...
sdebrango July 15, 2012
Sounds like your pie would be mostly sour cherries so I would only cut back a little on the sugar agree with Donnacita, there would be no difference in texture IMHO.
Donnacita July 15, 2012
Go for it. I would not cut back on the sugar very much though.
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