Too much honey taste (and too sweet) in my nougat. Can I increase the proportion of egg white?

I used a recipe that uses sugar, honey, and egg white for my nougat. It came out perfectly fine (not too hard, not too soft), but the taste of honey is too strong, and its too sweet. Can I increase the proportion of egg white from 2 egg white to 3? Thanks.

Jimmy Lee


Emmie November 5, 2017
Candy-making can be pretty tricky, and if you add another egg white it would probably throw things off. To cut the honey flavor, you can probably substitute corn syrup for part of the honey. To cut the sweetness, I'd add some salt.
Jimmy L. November 5, 2017
Wow thanks a lot! It's like a sudden oh-yes! moment when I read your reply. I know that honey is fructose + glucose, so is there any specific type of corn syrup that I should get? -- eg, will high fructose corn syrup work?
Emmie November 5, 2017
Probably regular light corn syrup, since I think that's what most nougat uses, and that's probably easier to get than high-fructose. I'd probably sub by weight and not volume.
Leanora January 22, 2019
How can I make icing without icing sugar and I don't like the strong flavour of honey
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