A question about a recipe: Arugula Pesto

I have a question about the ingredient "1/4 cup hazelnuts" on the recipe "Arugula Pesto" from cristinasciarra. Do you peel the hazelnuts before or after you toast them?

Marti Kennedy
Arugula Hazelnut Pesto
Recipe question for: Arugula Hazelnut Pesto


lisina September 16, 2012
or, try puting them in a tupperware container and shaking vigorously for about a minute. if the nuts are well toasted, the skins will just fall off. it works every time.
Marti K. September 16, 2012
Thanks! I will try this.
boulangere September 16, 2012
One good way to remove the skins is to rub the toasted nuts around in a sieve. And hold the sieve over the sink to contain the mess!
Marti K. September 16, 2012
Amanda H. September 16, 2012
After toasting them -- the toasting helps loosen the skins.
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