What can you do with green tomatoes other the frying them?

  • Posted by: maggie37
  • September 23, 2012


Panfusine September 23, 2012
other than making Indian style tempura 'bhajia' with chickpea batter, I make a stew from them.
healthierkitchen September 23, 2012
a little cafe near me just had some the other day in a way I've never seen: roasted halves with a buttermilk dressing.
Sam1148 September 23, 2012
I've had something similar. With a chive buttermilk dressing, some watercress, and topped with few spoonfulls blackeyed peas and good Benton smoked bacon. It also had a couple of sliced ripe yellow cherry tomatoes too.
Pickled green tomatoes are one of my favorite things!
inpatskitchen September 23, 2012
Sub them for the zucchini in your favorite zucchini bread recipe.
ChefJune September 23, 2012
My aunts (both farmers' wives) made the most wonderful pies with them. Just follow a recipe for green apple pie!
sfmiller September 23, 2012
Pickle them. I especially like bread & butter pickles and chow-chow with sliced green tomatoes instead of cucumbers.

Chutney. Green tomato pie, either savory or sweet (the latter is better than it probably sounds).

There are some interesting ideas here: http://www.thekitchn.com/what-to-do-with-green-tomatoes-66605
boulangere September 23, 2012
I put them in cornbread:
Bkpesch September 23, 2012
Dice them up and use as a salsa with jalapeño onions and maybe a sweet component like mango. Or dip and coat to bake at High heat
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