I bought some English pea greens at the farmers market. Can they be stir fried?

  • Posted by: Rinchen
  • April 1, 2013


Elizabeth R. April 3, 2013
Make sure they're tender though, or pick off the tender leaves and discard the tough stems. A coworker of mine once bought some older pea shoots from a farmer and thought it would work out. It made for some pretty uncomfortable eating.
rt21 April 1, 2013
Also nice in a sandwich ..... Use instead of lettuce

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ChezHenry April 1, 2013
Thats how I do it! Saute a couple of cloves of smashed grlic in a few tbs of olive oil. Discard the garlic when browned, then in with the peashoots. Similar method to spinach, hese cook down quickly, and reduce greatly in volume. Delicious-its a common asian ingredient for stirfrys in nyc chinatown.
inpatskitchen April 2, 2013
I agree with ChezHenry...and sometimes I squirt a little lemon juice over.
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