Green Tomatoes

What can I do with my green tomatoes other than fry them in a pan? Oven-fry recipes welcome, but also anything more unique would be appreciated too. I suppose I was silly thinking my tomatoes would ripen in my NW climate without any special treatment, but now I want to turn my lemons into lemonade! (and next year I'll be a better gardener!)



susan G. August 30, 2012
Another possibility -- use them as a sub for tomatillos.
alimarcus August 29, 2012
Thanks! I am really interested in the baking direction for green tomatoes, wow. Also, can you use them in a stew of any sort?
Sam1148 August 27, 2012
Fry them and make veggi burgers. I use split toasted english muffins...wasabi mayo, a few quick pickled cucumber slices, and a slaw dressed with lime juice and olive oil, salt pepper.

JanetFL August 27, 2012
If you haven't tried Amanda's Fried Green Tomatoes with Panko and Parmesan, give it a shot. It's unique and everyone that I've made them for declares them the best they've ever had. Here's the link:
inpatskitchen August 27, 2012
I turn my zucchini bread into "green tomato bread" in the fall. use your favorite zucchini bread recipe and just sub green tomatoes chopped or shredded in the food processor for the zucchini.
HalfPint August 27, 2012
You can make green tomato jam, chutney, or pickles. Somewhere out there are also recipes for green tomato pie.
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