Boneless Braised Short Ribs

I don't have a Dutch oven so I would like to know what should I use to braise short ribs?



Scottielew September 30, 2012
Thank you Ron...that sounds good!
Ron,Lawrence September 29, 2012
Any of the above ways a perfectly fine, however my preferred method would definitely have to be searing them in a heavy bottomed pan then move them to a large baking vessel and in your searing pan keep the fat and caramelize some mirepoix with a little tomato paste and add your stock and some redefine. Then add whatever else you would like to flavor with and pour over the ribs and put in a 275 degree oven for4-5 hours. Patience is awarded greatly with fall apart juicy ribs.
ChefOno September 28, 2012

Braising can be accomplished on the cooktop or in the oven, the later usually being preferable due to even, regulated heat. The oven also allows you to braise in any covered dish including a baking dish, a disposable aluminum roasting pan covered with foil, even just the foil folded so as to contain the braising liquid.

Despite Pierino's preference for grilling boneless short ribs (an excellent preparation in its own right) and despite my normal preference for bone-in meat, boneless is the way to go with short ribs in a braise. Y-u-m!

Scottielew September 28, 2012
Thanks Benny
Benny September 28, 2012
Pierino has a good suggestion, but for future reference, you can also accomplish a great braise on the stove top in a heavy pot with a lid. Just keep the heat really low. Everything else is exactly the same.

You can also braise on the stove top and reduce the liquid at the same time by using a circle of parchment paper with a hole in the center for your lid. just be sure to rotate your braise, or baste it every 20-30 minutes.
Scottielew September 28, 2012
Thank you!!!
pierino September 28, 2012
Actually, if they are boneless I would be more tempted to cook them on a grill. Bone in, yes, a slow braise would be good but for boneless I think a quicker cooking time is more suitable.
Author Comment
You can do a braise in any heavy-bottomed pot with a tight fitting lid that holds all your ingredients. You can also do it in a slow cooker/crock pot.
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