King Salmon Fish Heads

I just got two large king salmon. I have the fish heads and bellies. There is a lot of meat on these pieces that sometimes get discarded. I'm looking for some good ideas to use these pieces. Thank You!

  • Posted by: SallyM
  • September 28, 2012


Sam1148 September 28, 2012
Great, now I have the "Fish Heads" song stuck my head. (g).
Greenstuff September 28, 2012
Lots of meat on both the salmon head and belly! A couple of ideas:

Fish head curry is a a Singapore favorite. I've never had it with salmon, but I'd certainly give it a go. In Singapore the question is, "Is it really true that people in the US toss the head?"

Also, Japanese salmon head soup (really!)--while some people say that salmon doesn't make a good broth, I think they're wrong. It's just a stronger flavor than you get from leaner, whiter fish.

SallyM September 28, 2012
Great! Thanks for the idea - I just bought Charles Phan's new Vietnamese Home Cooking. Your recipe looks delicious.
HalfPint September 28, 2012
Not sure how adventurous, but then you're asking for recipes for fish head, so here goes. One of my favorite soups, Vietnamese Hot and Sour Soup, and it's a great recipes to use a salmon head (which is like 80% edible). It's a fantastic one pot meal that only requires a small bowl of rice.
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