What is za'atar and where can I buy it?

A recipe for labneh calls for it

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jfisher July 2, 2017
i recommend you take a look at www.eatzaatar.com and they ship in US and Canada. As you may know, there's no universal standard on choice and quality of zaatar ingredients. they vary a lot along with prices. this source is recent and its ingredients are strictly the three mainstay ingredients of zaatar herb, sumac, and sesame with optional sea salt. its has the real zaatar her grown in Lebanon from wild zaatar seeds.
Richard April 23, 2016
I don't know where you live, but most mid sized towns have middle east markets. Find the nearest one and you'll find Za'atar and other wonderful stuff. Some Mediterrannean stores sores also carry it. Good luck.
Michael M. April 20, 2016
Zaatar Spice (Za'atar) is the tasty little secret that renowned chefs use for amazing Mediterranean dishes.

Za'atar is the perfect blend of the familiar and the unexpected - thyme, marjoram and oregano mingle with exotic sumac and sesame seeds that have been carefully roasted to unlock their full flavor potential. http://bit.ly/21DkVpI

You can bu Za'atar Spice Blend and any premium spice blends at usimplyseason.com (and they usually offer a discount when you purchase on their website)
Cav April 23, 2016
Did you just copy the back of a label?
AntoniaJames October 2, 2012
My own blend, to which I sometimes add sumac and other times not, depending on my mood and the other flavors involved, consists of :
¼ c. sesame seeds, gently toasted in a small skillet over medium heat,
1 T. dried marjoram leaves, crumbled
1 T. dried thyme leaves, crumbled
2 tsp. salt
I rub the herbs between my hands to release the flavor. I don't often use dried herbs, but they're essential for this. (I dry my own, so they're very fresh, though dried.)
amysarah October 2, 2012
From what I understand, there are several versions of za'atar, depending on where they originate in the Middle East. Syrian, Yemeni, Lebanese, etc. are all slightly different blends. My daughter brought me a big bottle of za'atar from Israel, and I have to admit I'm addicted. On eggs, pita toasted with olive oil and a heavy sprinkle, tomatoes.... there's just something about it.
Garlic F. October 1, 2012
There's another version of zatar that does not use sumac, but instead uses a all green herbs such as oregano/savory/marjoram blend. Both green and sumac versions are delicious.
healthierkitchen September 30, 2012
Penzey's also has both sumac and za'atar blends. This recipe has a sub recipe for za'ater embedded in it:
Maedl September 30, 2012
Za'atar is a spice blend, and it is simple to make your own. You can find lots of recipes on the web, but here's one for starters: http://mideastfood.about.com/od/middleeasternspicesherbs/r/zaatar.htm

The only ingredient you might have trouble finding is sumac. Try a Middle Eastern or Persian shop for that. Once you have made the blend, keep it in a tightly closed container.
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Traditional, popular blend of the Middle East. Use as a flavorful tabletop condiment. For a nice appetizer, cut pita bread into wedges, sprinkle with zatar and olive oil, bake for 5 minutes at 350°. Also nice sprinkled on thinly sliced onions with a bit of vegetable oil to use on sandwiches and salads. Hand-mixed from: sumac, thyme leaves, white sesame seeds and salt. Sumac is an herb which is very tart in flavor.

You can buy it from any high-end spice merchant or gourmet grocer, or from any of several online spice merchants, including Spice World and Penzey's.
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