This recipe looks great, but is there a good fall fruit substitution for rhubarb?



Anna H. January 6, 2013
I made it today with apples that I'd browned first in a little butter and sugar and then added a squeeze of lemon juice to the mix before putting it on top of the cake. It was really good! And the additonal lemon juice was actually really nice with the apples :)
Maedl October 3, 2012
Another idea: persimmons!
Maedl October 3, 2012
Grapes might be good, but I wonder about pomegranates. I think I would use orange peel and cardamom as the seasonings.
Reiney October 2, 2012
Roasted plum would probably be nice too
HalfPint October 2, 2012
There's lemon zest in the recipe and the lemon zest will complement just about any fruit.
HalfPint October 2, 2012
Apples, pears? I know a tart apple would be really good in this cake.
GFChinese October 2, 2012
Thanks! Somehow the lemon threw me off - but there's no lemon in the recipe is there? Anyway I'll try it to tonight and tell you how it goes!
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