Which wine would be a good pairing with french onion tart?



sexyLAMBCHOPx October 4, 2012
ChefJune October 4, 2012
Depends upon your mood, and whether your diners prefer red or white. Or you could ahve one of each. For me that particular tart says Alsatian white... Pinot Blanc preferably, or could be Riesling. For a red, I'd like a village Bourgogne from the Cotes de Beaune area.
AntoniaJames October 4, 2012
I'd serve a Kabinett Mosel for this -- crisp and refreshing, and just a bit off the beaten path! ;o)
Maedl October 3, 2012
A Gewürztraminer from Alsace! Riesling would also be good, as would a Grüner Veltiner.
Greenstuff October 3, 2012
An Alcatian white, a Pinot Gris, or a light red, like the Beaujolais HalfPint suggests. You want some acidity, which is why the Chardonnay wasn't on HalfPint's list.
HalfPint October 3, 2012
Just found this cool wine-food matching site:


Looks like a sauvignon blanc and any red (Bordeaux, Beaujolais, etc), even a rosé, will pair well with an onion tart. Though I don't see chardonnay on the list for whites.
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