Need birthday dinner ideas make ahead meal so I am not stuck in the kitchen.



Sadassa_Ulna October 4, 2012
I like make ahead recipes! Not long ago I asked the hotline what are some foods that actually improve with age, the responses included short ribs, sangria, cakes with booze added after baking, curries, etc. Here's the link if you're interested:
chefmcampbell October 4, 2012
The celebration is for my sister. She will be 29 and it is for a small gathering 6-8 people. Her b- day is this October.
Sam1148 October 4, 2012
My Go to for a meal where I won't be tending and cooking and it's outside. Is a low country shrimp boil. Zatarains spice a big pot with a beer..simmer it to let it extract the spices..add 2 lemons cup in half and the juice..fill with water..add the recommended salt.
Boil..add cut up Kielbasa sausage. Boil..until it floats..add new potatoes (cut the big ones in half, or get the clever little one finger sized ones whole). Boil.10 mins..Shuck some corn and cut into thrids (maybe too late for good sweet corn tho). Add those. Boil 10 more mins...add 2 lbs of thawed/fresh shell on shrimp. Turn off heat and wait for shrimp to turn pink and ready. About 10 mins.
Then strain it all out..put in a big bowl lined with news print---or dump on picnic table with news paper outside..serve with soft butter, a good salad, lemon wedges, cocktail sauce. And bread.

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ChefJune October 4, 2012
Since I celebrate in mid-December, my usual and favorite birthday dinner main dish is Boeuf Bourguignon. Needless to say that is MUCH better the 2nd day (as are all stews). So I always make it ahead and reheat.
drbabs October 4, 2012
This is my go-to party meal. You can prep the shrimp and make everything else ahead, and just heat the rice and broth and add the shrimp about 10-15 minutes before you plan to serve it.
HalfPint October 4, 2012
More info how many people, age ranges, any allergies, food preferences, especially for the birthday recipient.
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