Help! I am in the process of rolling out the dough and it is cracking and falling apart. What do I do?

Rachel Farahnik
French Onion Tart
Recipe question for: French Onion Tart


Maedl October 6, 2012
Definitely chill the dough. And if it still breaks, just piece it into the pan and press the pieces with your fingers to make an unbroken base. You don't want the tart ingredients to leak through and cause the dreaded soggy bottom.
Sam1148 October 5, 2012
did you rest the dough long enough? In the fridge.
The dough for a crust needs about an 1 or 2 hours in the fridge to let the moisture absorb. As, mentioned a sprinkling of water and ball it back up and rest it again.

PS: Google Vodka Pie replace 1/2 of the water with vodka and put that in the freezer and proceed to make a crust dough. The vodka adds moisture but doesn't react with the gluten in the flour; which makes a tough crust which is a problem with overworking crust dough--so it's very forgiving, and the vodka lowers the freezing point of the water in the mix so you don't have ice crystal problems.
Any alcohol is steamed off in baking and you end up with very flaky crust.
threefresheggs October 6, 2012
Ah - mazing. Huh!
Sadassa_Ulna October 5, 2012
Clarification: I see parchment paper is in the directions and that is best if you have it.
Kristen M. October 5, 2012
With other doughs, I've been able to sprinkle water on it as I'm rolling to get it to meld back together. You could also sprinkle water, ball it back up, and re-roll it. Good luck!
Sadassa_Ulna October 5, 2012
Are you rolling between wax paper or plastic wrap? If not try that it might help. A few drops of ice water might help.
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