I truly hate the new version of Food 52. Cooking seems like an afterthought now. The whole focus is buying and decorating. Boooooo.

  • Posted by: chris
  • September 16, 2019


Peter October 7, 2019
I couldn’t agree more. This used to be my go-to food and recipe site for many years. Brilliant writing, great recipes, easy-to-navigate site, wonderful community feedback. Now it has become a shopping website with some food-related content unintuitively sprinkled throughout as an afterthought. Very disheartening. Goodbye Food52. I’ll check back in a year or two to see if you have hopefully returned to your roots.
Emily |. September 29, 2019
I agree, the content had shifted away from what I used to come here for. All the Shop posts are the focus over recipes and food related articles. Disappointing.
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