we had steel cut oats made with scotch while in South Africa, it was amazing. anyone know how to make them, how much scotch to use and when to add it, etc.



ChefOno October 6, 2012

Whiskey for breakfast? I like the sound of that! Please keep us posted on your progress. :-)

mikelien October 6, 2012
This was for breakfast, I will try your suggestion and let you know how it works.
Kenzi W. October 6, 2012
Was it in dessert form? If yes, take a look at this recipe for reference: http://food52.com/recipes/14055_raspberry_and_honey_cranachan
If it was basically just oatmeal with whisky in it, I've read a few recipes that simply have you cook your oats as normal, and the whisky (a small amount to taste) is just stirred in at the end, right before serving, usually with a little honey. Hope this helps!
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