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I tried about a month ago to sign up, and was unable to log in. I emailed you at the time and you changed my password to 123test while trying to work it out. I am completely unable to log in with anything I try. I even tried signing up again and can't seem to do that. I love your sight and really want to save and email recipes, please help!

Deborah Singlehurst Orman


Virginiajr March 24, 2021
I cannot sign in to access my gift card
Help please
Michael H. October 8, 2012
Hi. I'm so sorry that we've made this difficult for you. Would you mind giving me your user login so that can look into the matter?
Eliza S. October 12, 2016
I am not able to change my password. Recipes keep coming up instead of a way to change password to account.... [email protected]
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