Delicious and visually appealing Halloween-themed cookies for kids--any advice is appreciated!

Instead of buying fancy and expensive cookies, I want to bake and decorate cookies for several young people in my life (age range 3-15). Cookie type, frosting type, equipment needed--I need help with all these things!



Mlc1977 September 27, 2012
If you want decorating ideas check this blog out, so cute I wish I was this talented.
Summer O. September 26, 2012
What about Midge's 2 bite Buckeye cookies? And Merrill's Cream cheese cookies? This was a contest a couple years ago
darksideofthespoon September 26, 2012
My MIL makes these great cookies for Christmas, although they strike me as a better cookie for Halloween, especially as they're called "Spider Cookies". The recipe is 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips, 2 tbsp butter & 2 cups chow mein noodles. Then she puts peanuts as eyes. They are addictive like crack to our family!
SMSF September 26, 2012
Others can chime in better than me in terms of equipment, etc. but here is a great place to start - Martha Stewart's Halloween cookie recipe collection:
Lots of fun ideas for sure!
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