Your dream sink?

For a new house, currently in the design phase, I want to make sure we install the perfect kitchen sink. We'll have a small bar sink too, but the main sink has to be the right size and shape for serious cooking. I'm leaning toward stainless steel, bigger than my current Franke 19"x21" sink. Ideas?

  • Posted by: PaulaE
  • October 11, 2012


jmburns October 13, 2012
My dream sink would wash the dishes and pots and pans. If I could get the dish put away option on it that would be nice to. Ok seriously. I use the Kohler stainless steel one large compartment and a smaller prep sink where the disposer goes. Large side is deep to take deeper pots.
On another side Stone Forest out of Santa Fe has a solid granite farm house sink that is beautiful. Just not practical.
see October 12, 2012
A recent kitchen remodel had us looking at all kinds of kitchen sinks. We looked at Franke and it is lovely, but pricey. A good alternative is Ticor. It came equipped with the stainless inset to protect the sink bottom. It seems baffled well and is 31" wide, 10" deep. Very nice looking and good quality stainless. Look up Ticor and/or look at Happy new kitchen to you!
sfmiller October 12, 2012
In addition to big and deep, I like having a second smaller bowl. Comes in handy when two people are doing prep at the sink at the same time or when you need to do prep while something is soaking in the main bowl.
ChefJune October 12, 2012
I love my Franke sink that is probably a twin to yours. And I have a small kitchen, so for me, that is HUGE! However, if I had a farmhouse size kitchen, I would love one of those large farmhouse sinks with the apron front. They're so big you could practically take a bath in them!
mainecook61 October 11, 2012
Franke "Orca." Deep and big.
Sam1148 October 11, 2012
One thing I really wanted on the sink is a "Insinkearator" instant hot water dispenser in the sink. To have quick hot water for teas, making sauces, cleaning gunk from pans, etc..etc.

But, the wiring in the kitchen area is maxed out here..and I'd have to put in another breaker box for that.

PaulaE October 12, 2012
Good idea. We have a filtered water faucet now, and it works nicely but requires a ceramic filter, which gets gunked up pretty often. In the new place, I think the water will be filtered before it gets to the kitchen, so having a hot water faucet should be doable. My mother-in-law had one years ago, and I remember she was always complaining that it didn't work well. I'll bet they are much more reliable now.
Sam1148 October 12, 2012
If you follow the link I posted. There's a bit on new ones that do both cold and hot filtered water. Might be better used on the bar sink if it's near the main sink and able to be used for cooking etc. Also you don't use up a accessory hole on the main sink would be better used for a hand sprayer accessory.
Kristen M. October 11, 2012
I can't really speak to exact specs, since I rent and take what I get, but I really appreciate that my sink, despite being small, is very deep. I long for a working handheld spray attachment. Another semi-important consideration -- how spotty/smudgy the faucet and knobs will look.
PaulaE October 11, 2012
Ah yes, depth is an important factor, not just the outside dimensions. Thanks for that reminder!
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