I am making homemade granola bars, I want to switch it up a bit but will still need a binding ingredient. Currently I am using marshmallows but I want

  • Posted by: shnnynz
  • February 24, 2011


marvista February 26, 2011
add in some smoked paprika and ground red pepper to the sweet binders ro make them more savory, or add herbs like thyme, and omit dried fruit. I think you still need some kind of syrup that will harden while baking or they will be mushy. be sure to use lots of toasted pumpkin and sesame seeds for a savory bar
Eliana60 February 24, 2011
Pumpkin puree makes a good binder for a spicy bar.
Sadassa_Ulna February 24, 2011
Brown rice syrup and barley malt are both very sticky and mildy sweet, a little of either might work for your savory bars.
shnnynz February 24, 2011
Thanks Marvista!
What do you think about a non sweet binding agent for a spicy bar? For using say asian ingredients like sesame stcks, soy nuts, chiles, french fried onions ect..
marvista February 24, 2011
glad you aksed, I make them all the time, never the same way twice. I use1/2 honey 1/2 brown sugar. or you can sub 1/2 maple syrup for the honey. you need the mix. honey keeps it kinda soft, the sugar hardens in the baking to create the bars, I suggest you let the syrup cook on top of the stove for several minutes to get a carmelized effect, it will make the bars snappier. I let it simmer away while I am pre-toasting (separately) all the nuts and seeds. one great add: candied ginger
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