A pastry/cookie recipe calls for all-purpose flour, but the traditional pastry is made with semolina flour. Can I substitute 1:1?

I would like to make maamouls, a Lebanese date-filled pastry. Most recipes call for semolina flour but the one I like best calls for all-purpose flour. I am wondering if I can use semolina flour in place of all-purpose in this recipe. Is the substitution 1:1 or should I change? What would the change be?



Smaug August 25, 2016
I would not- semolina flour is much higher gluten and will behave much differently in a pastry. If you want to use semolina, I'd go with a recipe that was written for it. Or do a very small batch as an experiment, but of course that's often not practical.
trampledbygeese August 25, 2016
Oh, that sounds yummy!
If I was substituting the flour, I would probably do 1:1 by weight (not volume). This might involve weighing 1 cup all-purpose flour, 1 cup of the semolina.
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