I am making a pork cassarole but need some ideas about the liquid to use please. Many thanks



AntoniaJames November 22, 2010
Actually about pork stock . . . I was able to get some nice pork bones and make a big batch (four quarts) of pork stock, primarily for the Chinese Celery and Pork Lo Mein recipe posted by Mr. Hirschfeld . . . then I was flipping through an ancient, small, paperback Chinese cookbook Mr. T bought many decades ago, looking for something else, and saw a recipe for pork stock: marinate some ground pork in a good sprinkling of soy sauce for ten minutes, stir fry it for about a minute, then put water in the wok, bring to a boil, cover and simmer for 20 minutes! Definitely worth considering. It won't have that nice thick gelatinous quality you get with the bones, but it sounds like a great solution for use in something other than a stew or soup or big old pot of beans . . . .;o)
pierino November 22, 2010
These days pork is more moist (thanks to the fat, and the fact that it's no longer "the other white meat"). Pork stock would be ideal, but hard to find. So chicken stock would be your best alternative accompanied by perhaps 1/2 cup white wine or Spanish sherry.
casa-giardino November 22, 2010
You may use some tomato juice.
I make a braised pork dish without any liquids. Pork is moist.
Simply pork, cracked garlic with skins and black cured olives
Nora November 22, 2010
I use chicken broth, homemade if possible. Or I'll brew up a rich vegetable broth with dried mushrooms for some added earthiness. Some caramelized onions too.
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