why doesn't my Marzipan/almond paste melt completely in my zucchini bread/cake recipe...?

This is a recipe handed down from my grandmother that everyone loves. When she used to make it she used to use both pure almond paste/Marzipan AND a few teaspoons from a can of Solo almond filling. My mother loved it that way because the filling made the bread sweeter and more like cake. My husband and father on the other hand prefer the natural almond paste. What I usually do is add a bit of both and because there is very little pure paste it melts fine. I don't have almond filling and was just wondering why AND how I can get the Marzipan to melt better if I only used that. I chop it up in very tiny pieces but because it is a moist paste, despite how I dice it-many pieces stick together when I mix it and pour it into pan. It is those pieces that do not melt and as a result, the almond flavor is not as evident throughout the whole loaf. Any suggestions?

Christine Vichi
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1 Comment

Nancy August 19, 2018
Two comments.
Maybe the marzipan doesn't dissolve because the blended nuts and sugar are now a paste and adhere to each other better than to surrounding liquid. And/or presence of additives (unlikely but possible in some brands).
Possible solution. In some recipes the sugar and fat are blended separately from the dries, then the two combined.
In this cake, treat the marzipan as sugar and use the force of an electric device (blender, processor, mixer) to break it up and blend it with the fat (and possible eggs) in the recipe. Then combine that thick liquidy mixture with your dries and carry on with the recipe.
Hope this helps
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