Why do they use both egg yolks and whole eggs instead of just using whole eggs when making chocolate lava cake?

Aki Otani


darksideofthespoon October 19, 2012
If I have left over egg yolks, I make french toast with them. It's f*ing divine.

Egg yolks make a cake/cookie much more tender and rich.
boulangere October 19, 2012
Their lovely fats also tenderize the proteins in the dough.
Reiney October 19, 2012
Yolks make the cake more rich.
Monita October 19, 2012
Eggs help provide structure to the cake. An egg yolk will also act as an emulsifying agent, helping the batter come together more smoothly
Aki O. October 19, 2012
Does adding egg yolks effect the texture of the cake? More dense?
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