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Any ideas on what to do with a mountain of apples, other than apple pie?

asked by aussiefoodie over 4 years ago
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added over 4 years ago

Canning some chutney would be nice. I also like to throw apples in any dish with sweet potatoes, onions, pumpkin or carrots (think velvety soups). And if you want a break from apple pie for dessert, there is a whole other world of crisps, grunts, brown betties, and cakes that is worth exploring.

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added over 4 years ago

Apple ice cream!

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added over 4 years ago

If you truly have a mountain of apples you can juice and ferment them to make delicious hard apple cider. It is much easier than beer or wine making and a great way to preserve (and add value to) your apply abundance.

This site covers the basics. http://makinghardcider...

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added over 4 years ago

Apple strudel, apple fritters, apple slices with a yogurt-cinnamon dip....

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added over 4 years ago

Apple cakes, especially those made with oil freeze really well. I'm thinking of a classic "jewish apple cake," the recipe for which I do not have on hand, but this seems very close (mine does not have nuts, and I end off with batter, not apples):

Apple muffins or quick breads would also be good for freezing. You can also just slice some and out them in a jar with sugar and cinnamon and a touch of vanilla so that they macerate. The use them to top oatmeal, yogurt, or anything else you like.

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added over 4 years ago

And "Judy Rogers' Roasted Applesauce" is highlighted in my side bar, so that and other apple recipes here are worth checking out.

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