Happy Mother-In-Law Spice uses

I bought some "Happy Mother-In-Law" spice when I was in Istanbul, just because I thought the name of the spice was funny. I am single - never been married - and now I want to know what to do with it. Anyone had experience with it or heard of it?



Maedl October 24, 2012
Where did you find the spice? Was it at the Spice Bazaar or at a less touristy, local market? Is it a fine powder or coarser in texture? Did you taste a bit of it?
Greenstuff October 23, 2012
I googled it and it went in the direction of hot versions of garam masala! I've been hoping some of the FOOD52'ers from India would weigh in.
Diana B. October 23, 2012
If you Google it, you can find some info on the South African company that makes it (much of it dedicated to a 2005 recall), but you'll have to look at quite a few sites to find information - it doesn't appear the company that makes it has a site, which is peculiar.
CookOnTheFly October 23, 2012
Well I think it must be hot/spicy as it is bright red - looks like a blend of some type.
K_Squared October 22, 2012
Can you describe it or know what may be in it if it is a mix of various spices? Truly I've never heard of it but might be able to steer you in the right direction!
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