quiche for a crowd

Looking for tips on making quiche in large rectangular baking pans or sheet pans.



allans October 24, 2012
If using a sheet/lasagna type dish, glass will be warmer and more likely to cook better than metal

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Sam1148 October 23, 2012
How about muffin tins..and baking individual quiches? That way everyone would get good crust. Depends on how many people is your crowd tho.
You can use two similar muffin trays that 'nest' into each to other to blind bake the crust before adding fillings. The first batch can be held at room temp and then rewarm the entire batches for about 20 mins at 200. Or just serve at room temp--which IMHO is fine for quiche.
Reiney October 23, 2012
You're absolutely right to be thinking of that! You could turn the oven down by 25 degrees or so, and cook it slower to try to compensate. Eggs love to be coddled (pun intended) on low heat. So long as the sheet pan's not *too* big this should work for you.

(Depending on how many of these you're making, another option is to just double/triple the pastry and royale mix recipes, but bake individual quiches - this would yield best results but of course would take more elapsed time.
Pepperjam October 23, 2012
Thanks so much!
Pepperjam October 23, 2012
The recipe I have is for an 11-inch tart pan with removable bottom. I am making quiche for my son's varsity football team (at their request) for a team dinner the day before our first playoff game. I was concerned about the center not cooking at the same time as the edges in a larger pan. I was planning to precook the pasty of course, using parchment so I could lift it out of the pan easier and cut into squares. I'd welcome any additional suggestions. Thanks
Monita October 23, 2012
A regular 9x2" pie dish holds 8 cups. A jelly roll pan holds 13 cups so you would have to make 1 and 1/2 times the filling for a large "quiche." You'd also have to make your quiche dough 1 and 1/2 times greater to fit the pan. Are you looking for a recipe for a larger quiche?
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