Where can I buy tapioca flour



ChefJune January 11, 2017
Pretty sure you'll find it at Whole Foods in whatever section they have shelved the Bob's Red Mill products. I know they make one.
stacy January 11, 2017
I just bought some at Wegmans, took me a while but I finally found it in the gluten free section. Try that at other stores if you're not in an area blessed with Wegmans :)
SeaJambon October 23, 2012
And it is sometimes called Tapioca Starch but it is exactly the same thing. Many Whole Foods carry it. Asian groceries are another good source.
susan G. October 23, 2012
Tapioca flour is found in a 'flour' or 'specialty baking' section of a health food store. I also buy it at Asian groceries. If the amount you need is small, try cornstarch or arrowroot as a substitute.
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