Would this be even more spectacular with "00" flour?



CHeeb October 29, 2012
If you have the time, the dough really improves with an overnight stay in the frig. It will fight you with spring when you try to roll it into a pizza when first removed from the frig,so let it warm up a little to room temp.
pierino October 28, 2012
My advice with pizza dough is to always go with high gluten flour. Period. Stop.
fitsxarts October 29, 2012
So are you saying that 00 flour is not high gluten enough?
Sam1148 October 28, 2012
From my experience with no-kneed bread dough and using southern US blend flour (which is softer by the cup weight than USDA flour), it really throws off the moisture ratio.
When I tried again using a gram weight scale it worked fine, which in Gold medal's case turned out to be about tablespoon more per cup to make a 'cup weight'.
So there could be some math involved. (g). It's 127g/cup for 00 flour.
Kristen M. October 28, 2012
It should work well and be delicious, perhaps a little less chewy. Let us know if you try it!
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